Deep by Skye Warren

Well I could say many things about this book but I will narrow it down to a few when I initially say dang!

Philip Murphy might have controlled his surroundings and ruled with an absolute power but was his world being infiltrated?

Was it about to fall apart around him and will it take him down with him! Not if he has anything to do with it.

His life in the darkest recesses of the underworld means that he has more enemies than any one person could possibly ever count and he is not shy at flexing his acquired might!

Ella owes much of her life and who she is, to Philip and while she appreciated everything that he has done for her in the past, he belongs in her past, she is trying to build a life for herself now and it is one that she is trying to shape without him in it but when he turns up at her door, it is his turn to need her help and as much as the tables may have been turned but it is like a switch, she is powerless when it comes to how she feels about him.

Philip is a prime alpha male, he holds her emotionally captive so to speak, he oozes sensuality and his possessiveness knows no restraint, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, the way he wants it!

But it was Elle that I enjoyed reading about, she was such a strong character, one that I felt as if I was experiencing every emotion with, every step of the way. She left me drained on so many occasions, I was aghast at how strong she must have been because I was struggling to get my head around everything that she was going through.

This was a book that left nothing to chance, no stone unturned and no nerve un-stretched…this author is able to draw drama from every orifice and you never know which way the story is headed. There are twists and turn aplenty, enough to make your head spin.

Topic: Deep by Skye Warren

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