Hello by Jamie Lee Scott

There is very little that can be said as a negative with this book other than the fact it is fairly short… although not that that is unexpected as the author does make it very clear but what is not clear is the cliff hanger at the end…what the heck!

This was a funny little read and yes I mean funny ha-ha not funny peculiar.

Maisy was so funny and how she managed to keep her humour was what really drew me into the book.

I mean she caught her boyfriend cheating on her but she refused to let it break her, she gathered up her things…one of them was most definitely not him and headed home.

So she is back in Dallas and all set to forge a new path and set out on a career that can really take her places, she just needs the right clientele.

And when it comes to having the right people clamouring for your business, Maisy hits the jackpot when she just happens to meet up with Hugo and Stella, they are certainly the sort of people who are going to get her noticed.

Hugo and Stella might have a financial security that many of us can only dream of but they have so much more than that, Yes. they are wealthy but they are super funny. Hugo is happy in front of his screen, gaming and spending time in the virtual world, while Stella well leave nothing behind and that includes Hugo.

There were numerous quirky but endearing moments, times when Hugo almost came across as being completely introverted but threw in just a splash of innuendo.

I am so looking forward to the next book and I hope that there is not too long to wait.

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