by Erin Trejo

Hold onto your hats ladies because TIC and his adorable son Jameson are going to break your heart!

This is by a mile my favourite book of the series so far, TIC was just the guy that I needed in my life and through him I could get a little more in touch with the guys of the MC.

I loved the way he was with his son, there was nothing and no-one more important to him that Jameson, and there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for him that much was clearly evident from the very beginning but he was a guy that had a lot on his plate and raising his boy on his own wasn’t the end of the world but it wasn’t easy, especially when it came to childcare.

Needing someone to take care of Jameson whilst he was out on club business cases him no end of issue but when Ashley offers to take up the role, I wondered if she had any idea just what she was letting herself in for because Jameson was a chip off the old block, so once it became clear that she was totally smitten with this fabulous little guy, it was only a matter of time as to how long it would take for his dad to fall for her too.

Of course, not everything is plain sailing and there is danger around almost every corner it would seem but when the little guy is at the centre of a plot that could mean that TIC is facing his worst nightmare, life without his boy, both he and Ashley are facing a battle to keep him safe.

I loved that Tic was a grumpy man, it gave him the persona that I expected from him, bringing him to life before my eyes, and his story was quick, eclectic and engaging.

Could this pair have what they desired? Could they keep Jameson safe?

A thrill a minute read that will take you to both highs and lows all the while making sure that you are clutching the pages to find out what happens next…Oh, and that ending…sensational!


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