Take Me Hard

by Katie Douglas

I love the Arizona Heat Series, and this is yet another of the books that I have to say has totally won me over, I loved Clay!

From the minute Clay literally ran into Kinsley on the highway there was something inexplicable pulling away at the pair of them and the author cleverly allowed the seeds of something more to hatch, ever so slowly!

Kinsley doesn’t know this guy from Adam so he is reticent about what she is willing to share with him and I sort of got why that niggled him but when he decides to take her back to the ranch so that she can recover and rest, I had a feeling this was going to be one of those stories that no matter what your plans are you are not going to be able to put it down…and I was right because I was hooked!

Kinsley wants to go to California to be an actress but there is just something about this older guy that has her totally entranced, little does she know that with him she is going to learn more about herself than she could have ever imagined.

Of course, it isn’t all plain sailing and when she experiences heartache and tries to withdraw from him, he makes certain that she knows that he has no intention of allowing her to go through her pain alone. Little does he know that when the work of it appears to be over…it isn’t eh has the heartache of letting her leave as she is adamant that she belongs in California and that her being with him will just be a burden to him.

Like the dominant man he is Clay took what she was saying on the chin, even going as far as to drive her all the way to Los Angeles himself but when he leaves, he makes sure that she is in no doubt that when they meet again, and that they will meet again, she will be his forever. His resolve was admirable, he was such a strong man and he truly believed that he had to let her go in order to get her back as he wanted but would that be the right call?

Hard to put down, this was a super read, thoroughly enjoyable


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