Lie to You by J C Valentine

Straight out of the ball park!!!!
JC Valentine took a story and sprinkled her magic on it and turned out something that I fell completely in love with.
Picking right up from the end of the first book – which if you have not read yet you really have to do so – this book will not work if you are not up to speed with the first book.
Joe finds out that she has a choice to make but it isn’t as straight forward as she might have hoped for – hell, she had no idea that her love life was so damn complicated!
Considering she never knew that Ransom and Rebel were a them and not a him, she really has a lot to mull over.
The brothers Ransom and Rebel were great characters – they were so different that it really was odd to think that she hadn’t clicked before that there was two of them.
But she had a lot to contend with now that she had a decision to make and with so much riding on it, she was in a position that I didn’t envy one little bit!
I don’t want to give too much away but I have to say that there was just enough intrigue in the storyline that I was completely hooked.
The flow of the story was completely eclectic it really covered all the bases. Each and every emotion was all laid out for everyone to see.
I am looking forward to the next book in the series because to be honest I am not quite ready for this to come to an end.