Wicked Revenge

by Zoey Derrick

I think my reading relationship with Zoey Derrick began about a year ago but oh boy, so much has happened in the last 12 months, I have not only read and reviewed some amazing books but I have become totally addicted to Ms Derrick’s writing style, she is quite direct and for me that works. She doesn’t play dirty with a story, she laid it all out, warts and all and then left me as the reader (in my opinion) with the opportunity to completely engage my imagination.

This is a fresh series from the Ms Derrick and I think she did a sterling job. This was a great launchpad for what is yet to come, so what was this about I hear you say…well this is the Wicked Angels and they will quickly become very important to you.

I liked that the dynamic of the club was given a good airing, that as a reader I was given a grounding of who and what made the club tick. And it wasn’t all smooth sailing, they had been through their fair share of angst and attitude, especially when a rival gang sets it stall out against then and their club with devastating consequences.

The whole situation with the Beaumont family was intense, I wondered where and when Lili’s pain would end…her loss was unfathomable but was everything as it appeared?

Fabulously constructed this was a cleverly, twisted and delightfully complex!

Topic: Wicked Revenge by Zoey Derrick

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