by Lym Cruz

A sensational debut novel, without a single hint of a flaw.
From the outset, I was impressed by the pace and tone of the story that was unfolding. There was barely the opportunity to take stock as the start of the story began to take shape. I loved the mystery, the intrigue, and intensity.
There was burning bright chemistry between Andrew and Melissa, a couple that is getting the second chance at making a first impression …although I have to admit that Melissa didn’t exactly seem too thrilled at the opportunity, but Andrew had determination enough for the two of them!
He was all set to get his woman now that he has her in his grasp again and he was thoroughly relentless in his pursuit. He has waited six years to get his hands on her again and come hell or high water he is not giving up without a fight …even if that means fighting Melissa herself to get her to see that what they could have would be something very, very special.
There was just enough angst to keep me on my toes, to encourage me to think about what was happening and why and to wonder whether they were actually going to be able to fight the past and have a future?
With a twist that snuck up on me like some sort of ninja, I have to say that I cannot wait to see what this author does next.
A clever, sweet read with some seriously sexy characters who drove a passionate read.

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