Fractured Volume One by Alexis Noelle


Isolation is a tough gig to deal with but when the love of your life is in the militry it is omething you learn to handle pretty damn quickly. High School Sweethearts Shay and Cam are newlyweds, completely besotted with each other, settling into not only married but military life.

This pair is so in love it will make your heart twinkle, Shay has her man and what a man he is because there is nothing that he wouldn't do for her, his love is without question.

But when Cam is sent on a mission at short notice, Shay discovers that she has little in common with the other wives around her. But her career as a writer can keep her mind occupied and stop her from worrying every minute whilst he is away. Literally counting the days until he returns ... just like he promised.

I love the fact that from the get-go this is an out and out love story, it is full of everything you want in life and that was joyous to read. It encompassed all the emotions that you could possibly feel when you are head over heels in love with someone. Not to say that it was all mushy as some would say, it certainly wasn't it had more than its fair share of uncertainty, it was funny in parts and full of passion.

A short sharp read which sets its stall out nice and early and has the ability to keep you enthralled.