Crash Ride by T. Gephart

High Strung had me hooked but Crash Ride was like slipping into a comfy pair of shoes- it just felt right.

While Dan and Ash’s story was captivating – I have to say that Troy and Meg were a completely different kettle of fish.

Meg is a driven woman with a strong sense of both purpose and self-worth. She is so focused on making it, that time with friends in a commodity that she does not waste, living life to the fullest.

I have to say that Meg has all the necessary components to make you completely jealous!

But I had a little niggle and that was the completely dominating obsession that she has with Troy from Power Station – surely this independent woman couldn’t be so smitten – or could she?

The author deals us a hefty hand of humour in the book and that is one of the reasons that I loved it so much – it made me chuckle out loud and that is not an easy thing to do. Not just because I can be a miserable bitch sometimes but because the book handles some tough subject matter.

I have to say that having her lusting after a man that I thought unattainable for her only to find that he is suddenly within her reach was simply genius. It brought her dreams to life and gave all her sexy longings the focus that she desired – win win situation.

The story unfolded much like I would have anticipated had I been watching it at the cinema- it evolved and the writing style was pivotal to that evolution, it gave both Meg and Troy the chance to have their say but to take things at their own pace. I loved the messages they sent to each other, the crazy times they had to both meet and talk but I especially loved the fact that what they had as given time to grow.

This is a fabulous read one that is the perfect follow up to High Strung and one that makes me eager to read whatever come next