Easy with You by Kristen Proby

This may have been a novella but it punched above its weight but that is only to be expected when it was penned by the masterful Kristen Proby. I admit that alongside the multitudes I am a complete devotee to her With Me in Seattle series and was devastated when it ended, not to say that I am not happy that she is bringing us a whole new host of characters in her Boudreaux series but this little beauty took me back to my comfort zone and let me revel in the “with me” days again.

This is Asher’s story – you remember him – Matt’s partner from Seattle – the single dad who we were just itching to see get his happy ever after – well this is his opportunity.

One night is all he and Lilia had and they followed true to the old adage that what happened in Vegas was left there but it certainly wasn’t forgotten

Asher relocated with his daughter to New Orleans and takes up a position with the police department, what he doesn’t know is that Lila is also in New Orleans and is teaching at the University that is just about to become the focus of his latest investigation. In fact it is not the University but Lila herself that is the key to catching the killer – because the fixation that this lunatic has with her means that she is in more danger than she can possibly imagine.

When the police turn up on campus to speak to Lila, she can barely believe her eyes when the man before her is the man that she still sees every time she closes her eyes because that one night in Vegas left a lasting impression and she has never managed to shake the gorgeous Asher from her mind.

For a short story, the book had more than most, of course it was all about the pull between Asher and Lila and the development of a relationship that now they had the opportunity to pursue it was always going to see the two of them embracing it and each other with open arms but it also gave us a really great murder mystery, an intriguing whodunit, a chase to the end between Asher and the man that was hell bent on getting his hands on Asher’s woman!

I loved that Asher was as alpha as I had hoped he would be, he was just such a strong, purposeful man, a stand tall single father who held no quarter in everything he did and stood tall when the going got tough.

A creative, action packed read that when you take into consideration that it is a fairly quick short story, I have to say well done Kristen