Falling Hard

by Lexi Ryan

While I thought the book was a good book that was well written, it wasn’t my favourite book by this author and I think that was primarily because I found the flitting between the past and the present quite disconcerting.

Emma and Keegan knew each other when they were teenagers and their first foray into a relationship ended poorly but years later they happen upon again each other in Las Vegas.

What would this re-acquaintance mean for them now that they are both older and wiser?

I liked the current Emma and Keegan but that is not to say that I liked who they had been when they were younger, and I think that might have been the problem, I thought there was rather a lot of time spent with their younger selves.

I wanted them to get their happy here and now and found the proliferation of history clouded my reading pleasure, for me it interrupted the pace of the story.

I would like to spend a little more time with who they are now and if that had happened this would have been a solid 4.5 read as it is I would have to say that the I rate the book 3.75 Stars

Topic: Falling Hard by Lexi Ryan

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