Dangerous Desire by Sebastian Ex.


Told from Matthew’s point of view- Filthy Desire wafted through my fingers with a delicious, refreshing breeze that this exciting debut author should be very proud of.

Literally from the first chapter the book, I was on a rollercoaster that I just didn’t want to stop.

This gloriously dominant man had it all but from my perspective the one thing he had that meant the most to me was that he had my undivided attention, I just couldn’t tear myself away from him.

Yes, he was wealthy, Yes, he was passionate and Yes, he made other men pale into insignificance but his compassion drew me in almost as much as his passion. He could be a bit of an arse at times but then who can’t and yes, I could see things as I was reading that realty had we looking for something to smack him upside the head with.

Life is fairly easy for Matthew, he lives a life determined by his own rules, namely two in particular: only ever call him Matthew and don’t under any circumstance ask for his phone number – the answer would not be what you would want to hear!

But can this powerful, controlling man be knocked off his perch?

Oh Yes, because god help him when the bashful Ella comes looking for a job, because no matter what she looks like and how much he wants to keep her at arm’s length, this sassy little thing has the makings of turning his life on its head.

There is something about her that has him captivated and when he offers her a job, that is just the start of the absorption of her into his life… despite the fact that he refuses to call him anything but Matt- I loved her defiant streak!

Matthew cannot help himself, he needs to have her with him to be able to be the person she needs to lean on and make sure that she is safe. Ella’s back story was well written and emotionally intense and I was pleasantly surprised by how much the author has managed to plough into her story.

All in all I have to say that this had everything that I had anticipated and much, much more. Of course it had the prerequisite sex scenes and the odd well placed scene that took things just a little bit further but it was all handled with the skill of a well-seasoned professional, congratulations Sebastian – the jobs a good one!!!!