Megaballs by Erin Noelle

Please find yourself a comfy space to settle down with this book and it might be an idea to keep everyone else safely out of the way because I guarantee you will be giggling your butt off before you know it! The looks I got from the guys in the kitchen at work during our lunch break had me seriously re-evaluating the decision to read in public, I was crying with laughter.

As expected from Erin Noelle, this is a book that doesn’t settle, the characters take the storyline by the scruff of the neck and gallop off. I was flipping pages like a lunatic trying to keep up with it.

Teague and Finlay were simply superb and given the situation that brought them together I was blown away by the pair of them. Together they were just absolutely perfect, they were so suited, the perfect match but it didn’t fall into place immediately.

Finlay was scraping by but all that changed when her path crossed with the delicious Teague and his crappy day resulted in the day of her dreams. And in the long run a day that would change his life too.

Finlay’s good fortune means that she can take care of everything she needs and then some, but she doesn’t want to do anything without tracking down the man she can’t forget, the guy responsible for her twist of fate.

Oh and by the way, wait till you get a load of Fiona, her little niece with the attitude that belittle her single digit years! She was a sharp as a tack but cute as a button too boot!!

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