Hot Shot

by Karina Halle

4.25 Stars
Absolutely nothing not to adore about this story, I loved it!
Fox and Delilah are friends, practically family but there is a level of connection between the two of them that eludes to the possibility of them wanting to be closer than at first it appears they are willing to admit.
Their connection is one that is complicated because Delilah has been an integral part of Fox’s life since the death of his mother, she has cared for him in a way that for many would suggest that she was a family member but that is not the case, they are close and as much as Fox continues to struggle with the emotional aftermath of his mother’s passing, having Delilah gives him the support he needs and because of that I couldn’t help but wonder initially whether Delilah was just his shoulder to lean on, but it soon became clear that he wasn’t completely oblivious to the feelings that Delilah had towards him but was he willing to engage…I certainly hoped so!
I thought the story was fantastic, it had everything I wanted, with an absorbing mix of angst and aggravation, seamlessly blended with just the right mixture of passion and pain.
I liked the storyline that emerged between Fox and his brother Shane, because I thought that it gave a great insight into what made Fox tick and why he reacted the way he did…so don’t overlook the tiny details folks, they all play their part.

Topic: Hot Shot by Karina Halle

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