by Nikki Rae

Oh, My Dear Lord…WTF!!!

I ploughed straight into this after finishing off book one, so the treachery of the end of Bloom was fresh in my mind when this picked up right after the point where I was ready to throttle Elliot!

Each page brought more and more conflict to the story; just how would they all find what they needed? Could Fawn and Elliot find their place or was it all too late for them?

What part was Doe going to play in all of this, she may have accepted her fate but that doesn’t mean that fate didn’t have other plans.

When truth and reality hits home there are splinters that are ready to blow the world as they know it apart, the possibilities were not only endless but also so exquisitely tantalising that I quite simply couldn’t put the story down.

A smooth reading pace, the flow of the book was pitched just perfectly, it encouraged everything I expected and ensured that as the characters revealed what was happening to them I was able to feel the emotions that they were enduring, it was so empathetic that I found it almost consuming.

Darker than the first book but not without hope, this was a triumph!!

Topic: Wilt by Nikki Rae

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