Calculated Risk

by Rachael Duncan


An author I love and a synopsis that really drew me in, when I first picked this up I hoped that this was a book that was going to live up to the intrigue…did it?

Well, without giving it all away I would say so!

Lydia is a great character, full of conflict and questionable choices. She has taken a decision to side line love…I mean really woman that is the kiss of death right there but she has definitely sworn off me and uses every trick she can think of to heap them at arm’s length. Although the wearing of a fake engagement ring did bring a smile to my face.

But as much as she is giving romance a wide birth, this is a truly heartfelt romance, although I will say that it has its pockets stuffed with so much more than just romance, it brought an arsenal of attitude to the page, it had an undertone of mystery and suspense that illuminated each and every paragraph.

Lydia works hard to fulfil her career as an interior designer, it keeps her busy and it also makes her decision to fore go a relationship easier but is it a foolish decision? Because I just got the feeling that this almost elusive woman was struggling against herself most of the time. I didn’t want her to be hollow, I’m not saying that a woman has to have a man to be happy but her reasoning wasn’t convincing me.

So, the chase was definitely on because from the minute Marcus Riley clapped eyes on her he knew exactly what or should I say who he wanted and that was her…he was going to stop at nothing to get his girl, but getting her on board with his plan was going to take every trick in the book but damn he was willing to go all out!

I adored Marcus, he was also so charming that I couldn’t help but smile as he fought his way to Lydia’s heart. I also liked watching Lydia do her best to resist…silly woman!

So, what about the mystery and the angst, I hear you say, well there is some but it wasn’t what I had anticipated, if you are anything like me it will come as a bit of a surprise…oh s**t isn’t that what it is supposed to do!

Anyway, my foolishness aside, this is beautifully written, it lilts and flows in all the right places and fills every criteria you could possibly be looking for.

Topic: Calculated Risk by Rachael Duncan

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