Challenge by Natalie Gayle

Sophia and Seth are ready to share their story and it is one that you are going to want to read.

This is a book that requires complete attention while you are reading, there is more than one occasion when I had to put the kindle down and take a deep breath. The story was so full on that actually accepting what the heck was happening was a full time job!

The title Challenge was certainly apt, the whole story was packed with so many twists and turns that almost from the first page, I knew that I had to keep my wits about me.

I was aware of Seth from the previous books or more to the point I was aware of his reputation, he wasn’t exactly hurting for female company, Seth liked the ladies and the ladies loved him, but the word love held no place in his vocabulary and as far as he was concerned it never would…or so he thought

Because after seeing the other guys and their partners he actually began to question what he wanted and knowing Sophia they hitched up a pseudo friends with benefits arrangement and after a series of what can only be described as unfortunate events, culminating in a cataclysmic event they were left with little choice but to re-evaluate their whole situation.

The whole story was more than I anticipated, there were issues raised that were completely unique, and decisions that were made that while questionable at first showed the depth with which Sophia and Seth had changed on the journey that they had taken.

I don’t know where the author is looking to take the series in the future if of course she has plans to continue now that the three main men have found their futures.

Topic: Challenge by Natalie Gayle

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