The Sicarii Series

by AJ Bennett and Julia Crane


This is as far from my normal reading material as you could possibly get but I have to say that once I got started it was a story that caught my attention and that I found really quite enjoyable.

It all centres around Thorne Hollow- banished by the gods centuries ago, he ploughs his trade as an assassin for the Sicarri here on here.

Sicarii I here you cry – who the hell are they, well they my dear’s are the folk here on earth to protect us mere mortals from the evil that we cannot begin to fathom for ourselves.

One thing you really need to know about Thorne though, Jesus H Christ does he know how to handle his women!! But they never get the whole man, the part of him that never survived the death of the human that won his heart and then died, leaving him bereft… Until now!!!

Because Thorne has finally found someone that has peaked his interest and that makes him want more. Someone that he needs to uncover in more ways than one, someone that weaves her magic and that has him spellbound.

But this kind of emotion has the man doubting himself, he has no idea who the fabulous Kataya is and has even less of an inclination as to why she is able to make him feel the does. Is it all a game?

With no leads, he breaks his isolation and for the first time in since he left he ventures back to his homeland, to the other realm, to his family. But why is it no matter where you come from you just can’t escape meddling parents- because Thorne makes an astonishing discover about his solitude and his father’s hand in his employment with the Sicarii. Why he would do that is beyond him?

Thorne is a complicated character, bedding woman after woman, with complete disregard, it is surprising that he can keep up with it all, but when the secret of the woman that has him beguiled is resolved, he is knocked for six, not entirely sure what he should do or more to the point how he should feel about it.

He has a choice to make, and it is a decision that does not come easy.

Returning to the Sicarii, he is issued with an assignment that has even Thorne himself questioning the sanity of. Can he take this demon down or will it be a task too far? Things go from bad to worse when his life is again one huge question mark- does he have what it takes to make the right decision? Can he see his way through the web of lies and deceit that Kataya lays before him and can he handle the fact that the fate of humanity could very well me lying in his hands and his hands alone?

While I said at the start this was not my genre, I have to say that I found this book (previously books 1-4) was really entertaining and one that I would like to continue reading, Thorne was a captivating character, one that stands alone and stands tall as the hero in every sense of the word.