Sawyer by Nicole Edwards


We are running out of Walker boys to read about but this is the one I have been hanging out for-Sawyer Walker like the rest of his siblings is a force of nature and a darn good looking one at that – their parents are harbouring some damn fine genes!!

Sawyer is no angel, never has been – and when it comes to the woman that he wants more than anything, his bullying childish ways from high school have come back to bite him on the butt, because Kennedy was subjected to the taunts of both him and his friends and even after 20 years she is struggling to disassociate the boy from her past and the man that is very much part of her here and now.

Sawyer accepts responsibility for everything he does, he gives consideration to the things he both needs and wants and with Kennedy – she falls into both categories – he can’t see straight when it comes to this feisty redhead, and with his pubescent misdemeanours holding him back he knows that he has a whole heap of making up to do.

Kennedy, left town for college and may have returned to take up a position at the local vet’s practise but she is intent on taking up nothing else that is on offer, especially from Sawyer – she just can’t forgive and forget and that on top of the numerous notches on his infamous bedpost is enough to have her running for the hills but it is a shame because no matter how tough her head is telling her to be, her body is singing to Sawyers tune and for most of the book it’s gentle hum was predominately unnoticed, that is right up until he got his hands on her for the first time because he could play her like a finely tuned guitar and he made sure that her body was singing by the end of the night!

Sawyer knows that Kennedy is never going to be just another in the long line of bedfellows and to his credit, he sticks by his guns and does the decent thing – he woo’s her.

I loved it that he brought her lunch and sent her silly text messages, that he courted her in many respects and showed her that despite his foolish behaviour when he was younger, he was a man that she could hand her heart to because he would treat right.

Sawyer and Kennedy were a couple that were the whole package and as with the rest of the Walker boys, when he got his woman he was never letting go.

As with the other books in the series, the rest of the family are ever present throughout the story and they are a fabulously close family – it is always great to catch up with the developments in their lives.

I am hanging on from the next book – Brendon and I have to say that the groundwork that has been set up so far through not just this but the books that have come before I think it may just be a beaut.