by Meghan Lockley

There are certain scenario’s that creep up every now and again in stories so it is difficult for an author to put a different spin on situations that centre around a well-worn path but this author managed to pull off a minor miracle because with this she gave me a story where I saw past the whole best friends little sister situation and took the two of them for who they were and not their connections…this was a realisation, an awakening of a longing that had gone unanswered for too long.

Sean was best friends with Bree’s brother and in that respect that put him out of her reach but that didn’t mean that the longing that had a stranglehold on her was going to just dissipate. She loved him, she knew it but doing something about it was a nonstarter and for her young heart that was emotionally crippling.

Sean was every young woman’s image of perfection, the sexy as sin quarterback who set not only the field alight but melted hearts wherever he went, but he harboured a secret crush too and it isn’t until Bree arrives back from College that he realises that this girl is his kryptonite. He might think he she is too good for him but that doesn’t mean he can stay away either.

Bree knew the minute she came back to town that she had been kidding herself, going away to college didn’t dull the feelings she had for Sean, it didn’t even make a dent in them because no matter how far, there is no-one else for her.

The main incident in the book takes the two of them to a place that nobody would ever wish to find themselves in and as Sean continues to shoulder his self appointed role as her protector, all but a few that know what really happened.

But secrets no matter how honourable have a way of eating away at not only the guilty but the innocent too and they are both reluctant to allow their situation to reign havoc with their futures. Bree doesn’t want to be the reason that Sean loses everything he has worked so hard for and takes matters into her own hands, but does that iron it all out?

Can they move on and if they can will it be together? Or will the confusion that seems to cloud them just shift place and leave even more confused?

These are questions that I can’t answer for you, you need to give the author the opportunity to show you what she has in mind for the two of them. Do I agree …well what do you think?

The story is well written and touching. It brought a truth to the page that wasn’t just  far from easy to overlook, in fact it was impossible.

Sometimes you have to accept that your heart really does know best.

Topic: Snapped by Meghan Lockley

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