One More Night

by Melody Grace

I learned rather early on that when it comes to having the opportunity to spend some time with the characters in Sweetbriar Cove, it is not a chance you turn down, so when this the latest in the series hit my kindle I was eager to dive straight in.
This installment is all about Chase and Leticia, and initially, I wasn’t exactly sure that Leticia was actually the sort of character that I was going to take too – there was just something about her desperation to find her perfect man that I found a little disconcerting but if there is one thing that the author does extremely well it the fact that she develops characters and by the time Leticia was in Sweetbriar Cove and settling in I was beginning to warm to her somewhat…it didn’t take her long to get to grips with the fact that finding Mr Right was going to take some serious effort, although after some of the dates she had been on I think I might have just thrown in the towel!
But just as fate would have it when Chase entered the fray, they couldn’t have been further apart, he was everything she didn’t want in a partner but darn it he was absolutely everything she needed. The pair of them had a lot on their plates but I couldn’t help but root for the fact that when it came to their love life that they might just be pulling in the same direction.
I liked Leticia’s resolve; she was optimistic if nothing else, desperate to navigate the path that her heart had set for her. Chase was a fabulous character for me, he was so laid back, taking each day as it comes and living by his own rules so to speak, I loved his spontaneity, the free spirit that he brought to the page and the authors' descriptive tones really brought him to life, as the story progressed, I had no trouble at all painting a picture of him in my mind.
There was just enough angst and attitude peppered throughout the story to keep me totally captivated – and I have to admit that I read the whole book in just one sitting.
This was an enjoyable, nippy read, perfect holiday reading material.

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