Legacy of Danger

by Jillian David

I didn’t realise that this was part of a series when I picked this up, but I don’t think that I lost anything by that mistake because this read perfectly well as a standalone novel. So, if you haven’t read the others then I would suggest that you do but if you don’t have time, don’t worry too much because it’s not a huge deal.

Vaughn left home vowing never to return and with a family like his that was a tough decision to make but he had made some decisions growing up that were dubious to say the least, so in his mind getting away was his best option, so he hit the road and ended up in New York and he has been minding his own business or should I say staying out of the family business up until now. But when he gets a frantic phone call from his sister, there wasn’t a single second of hesitation as he packed up his things and headed home, the one place he never wanted to return too…whilst he was certain there was too much of the past there for him to deal, I understood why he may well have been reticent to head back to the ranch but when push came to shove, none of that mattered  because they are his family and when they need him, he was darn sure that he is going to be there for them.

Vaughn was a complicated character that had more than most to deal with, powers that many could never understand but he loved his family. Vaughn was the sort of guy that played life like a fiddle and at times I was wondering just what he might get up to next, but the author didn’t keep me hanging on too long. I liked the fact that he despite everything and I do mean everything that was going on with him and his family and the powers that were trying to beat them down, he also had to find time to work through the emotions that Mariah West brought to the surface.

Mariah was the doctor on duty when Vaughn’s sister Shelby was taken to hospital after her mishap ( or was it? You need to read to find out) on the mountains.  Mariah was working hard to get her head above water and clear some of the debt that she had amassed whilst training to be a doctor, she is comfortable in Copper Ridge, she knows the locals, or at least she thought she did, up until Vaughn rocked up at her hospital and they are both caught unawares by an instant attraction.

Whilst Mariah’s past was painful, and Vaughn’s past continued to plague him, I wasn’t sure that either of them would be able to find their way to leave their demons behind them. It was almost impossible to see if they would be able to find that clarity and direction. Vaugh had a lot to get to grips with and there were times when I didn’t really agree with the way he dealt with his situation, but I suppose everyone has the capacity to be a total a$$ at times, and Vaughn was the perfect example of that…but stick with him, please.

I loved the Taggart family, each of them had something special to bring to the mix, this was no normal family and their situation is also far from ordinary but then again that is what makes them and in turn this story even more enjoyable.


Topic: Legacy of Danger by Jillian David

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