Come Back by J A Huss


Come Back by J A Huss

I feel as if my head is ready to explode… this is a completely fucked up ride and it is GLORIOUS!!!

Picking up more or less where book one Come left off, Harper is alone following James’s disappearance to take care of an assignment.

Now if you can get your head around all the different names that James is referred to in the book you will be doing just fine .. basically you just have to remember that James, Tet, Six are all the same person – may sound strange but in the context of this book, I have come to realise that nothing is quite what it seems and James’s many names are mere folly! I will though for the purpose of this refer to him as James.

Harper isn’t one to just sit about and wait for him to come back – hell she doesn’t even know if he will come back for her. Heading off to find her man, they eventually meet back up at James safe house in the desert but there are two problems with that – it proves not to be very safe and James is not alone when he shows up.

This alone again is a mere ripple in what is proving to be a very large and murky pond.

James has done his favour for Merc and collected Sasha Cherlin – who he amusingly nicknames Assassin Smurf and various other Smurf connotations!

Sasha if you haven’t already met her can be found in another of JA Huss’s novels Slack (where she meets Ford.)

I have to say that I was confused at first by Sasha, I just didn’t get what was going on with her but then again, she is a teenage girl - they are complicated at the best of times - but throw her being more than a little handy with a gun and you have a recipe for narkiness!! 

I found I had to concentrate or re-read to be able to fully grasp what was going on in much of the book – you have been warned people ... you will need your thinking caps on for this one – it is intense.

The story doesn’t unfold as such, it gently peels away it's layers and ever so slowly allows you to catch just a glimpse of what is going on!

It is sneaky, yet perceptively alluring enough to draw you in and hold you close while it steals your breath away.

I really felt for both James and Harper as their lives begin to be picked apart, all in the eventual hope that they will find their way back to each other and manage to break free from the company.

I was delighted with myself when I realised ahead of time that I had managed to suss out just one step of the plot before it played out but I could have cried when Harper thought that James didn’t want her and had sold her out to her father!

The story is about TRUST – it is about when blind trust is all you have and when it isn’t enough. It is about doing the right thing regardless and holding on to the hope that you can survive whatever life has to throw at you.

Could James trust Merc?

Could he trust Sasha? – Hell why did he even have Sasha?

Could Harper trust James?

And those are just the tip of the trust iceberg because when it comes down to it none of them really knew who to trust but what they had all figured out was that James was being set up – but by who and why – well I think that resolution is for us to discover in the final book – due in November 2014.

I cannot wait for the conclusion of this intelligently mysterious series …