Resist by Heather C Leigh

Gavin Walker is famous.

The trouble is that fame can have a bad side!!!!!

When things escalate with Gavin's stalker, an ex FBI agent turned security expert is called in to find out who is behind it all.

Mitchell Hale is good at what he does. When he was basically run out of the FBI by a homophobic agent, he decided to get into security. He just never expected his client to be a big star.

Gavin has always been gay. At 17 he tried to kill himself because of the taunts and bullying from his own father. All his band mates know he is gay but it is not common knowledge to the fans.

When Mitch meets him to discuss the case they both try and hide the instant attraction.

Constantly arguing to cover up their feelings, slow progress is made trying to find out who the stalker is.

When the truth finally comes out it will hurt Gavin more than he could have ever thought.

After break ins, shootings, coming out to the world and the odd severed finger left in the dressing room, these men have a hard time trying to keep a relationship going. Is it better for both of them to just end it or will they find themselves lost without each other......

This is a very well written book, just the right amount of tension, both thrill wise and sexual tension wise.

4.5 out of 5

Sue x