Ladies Man by Katy Evans

OMG good god!!!

I didn’t know what was I was getting myself into when I opened this book, I can say that with my hand on my heart because despite seeing the teasers which with one or two words,honestly what was I ever going to garner from them!
This was Tahoe and Regina’s story – although thankfully there was a little Saint and Rachel (in more than one way may I add!) thrown in for good measure...woohoo!!!!

Tahoe knows that what Regina needs is not something he can't give her, he really thinks that by staying away and adamantly relegating her to the friend zone he can override the fact that his heart totally feels for Regina and it’s a feeling that he has denied himself for so long that acknowledging it is completely alien to him and he is having none of it at all.

Regina on the other hand is terrified of just how much Tahoe does makes her feel, this womanising man is everything she should avoid but he has a place under her skin that she can’t reach to remove him and over the year that the book covers he wheedles his way further and further towards her heart and she has no way to stop him.

She suffers seeing him and his revolving door of female admirers and bed bunnies but she can’t bring herself to call time on their friendship, she can’t lose him completely, so she tasks herself with finding a man that she can have, but is her new man ever going to be able to live up to the formidable Tahoe?

My heart hurt for Regina in as much as she knew how she felt but also knew that having a little bit of Tahoe was better than no Tahoe at all but her future really hung on Tahoe seeing that what he thought he couldn’t have, might be the only thing he should have. Being without Regina was always going to be too painful for him and when he opened up to her to explain his past I understood the fact that he really didn’t have the heart to lose someone he loved again.

I loved the whole book, but then again Katy Evans is one of my absolute to die for authors, but what blew me away was the humour, the evolution of their relationship, the intimate friendship that they had and that while it was torturous for them both, they made sure that when push came to shove they were there for each other.

Their banter was fabulous, they were engaging and totally right for each other and watching them come to realise that was perfection!




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