by Rebecca Brooke



This little beauty will have you begging for more. It is a quick read but what it lacks in pages in more than makes up for in the quality of the content.

It has so much going on that it will leave you not only with the ubiquitous cliff-hanger but it with a book hangover. It is packed!

The book covers the story of Ryder and Ryann. Not one to hold firm to convention, Ryder is a free spirit in as much as he is continually on the move. He has no plans to stay in one place – constantly looking over his shoulder to ensure that a past that he has no desire to revisit remains well and truly behind him.

Fate means that he is forced to take time out when his bike breaks down. He has no option but to stay in town while it is repaired.

Cutting loose he hits the local bar hoping to grab a bite to eat and a beer- he never bargained on meeting Ryann – a no nonsense bar owner who piques his interest and when he gets himself into a situation , she saves his hide.

What a difference one night can make!

I was drawn to Ryder and the peak that we got into his past and the issues that have made him the way he is were enough to draw a gasp – he really had, had a rough trot.

But I love a broken and damaged man, he has nothing left to lose… so the only way is up- right?

But is Ryann the woman for him- I sure hope so

I am looking forward to the next book and more of this encapsulating story.