Wicked Player

by Stacey Lynn

I read the blurb and I thought I knew what I was getting…wrong!! This was so much more.
I love a sports romance and again I thought I knew what I would be getting…wrong!!  
Do you see a pattern forming?
This was not only emotional, but it was also raw, and it was the sort of book that takes you by complete surprise. The characters were fabulous, and their connection at times had the capacity to reduce me to tears.
There was a depth of feeling about the book, about the characters that is difficult to put into words.
Yes, Gage and Elizabeth may have met in unusual surroundings, but what they found was as a connection that was even more unusual in its intensity. This was a couple that were used to the limelight but who craved normalcy, who just wanted each other but whose options to have what they wanted was never going to be that straight forward.
Could they have what they desired the most or would they always be strings attached and external forces that stood in their way? Would they step up to the plate and take their future happiness into their own hands or would it finally slip through their fingers for good?
Written beautifully, this was a fantastic read, completely captivating and totally delicious there was nothing not to love and I can only say…you need to read this!!


Topic: Wicked Player by Stacey Lynn

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