Ghost of You by Kelly Moran

Paranormal Romance are not my cup of tea ordinarily but something about the synopsis on this one drew me in and I am glad that I gave myself the opportunity because the book was a great read.

Sammy doesn’t have much time for Cain- he has a way about him that just sets all her defences on edge but she can’t quite narrow down exactly what has her heckles up.

But then a case take a turn for not only the worse but the weird, she has no option but to turn to him for assistance.

With strict instruction that they have no choice but to work together … nicely they settle into what I had to say was a truce that had me smirking?

They couldn’t hide the draw that there was between them it was electrifying but the plot made sure that as a reader I was perfectly well aware of the peril that encased them, of the sinister situation that they were in the middle of. They had a chemistry that very few could ever fathom but when they discover that the ghost they are investigating has Sammy in its sights, the anticipation of the climatic events that were afoot was totally captivating.

The author took a sceptic like me on a journey that was beautifully written, wonderfully descriptive, pulse quickening and deliciously frightening.

The angst and drama of the whole Sammy and Cain situation was on intensified a million times over when you added in the background of the mystery and terror of the ghost and the ghostly goings on.

This was a chilled to the bone read, it was packed to the rafters with suspense but illuminated by the most enchantingly descriptive tones and the bone chilling craziness.

While I still might not be a convert to the genre as a whole, I think I may just have become a convert to this author – I will read her other works.

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