Road to Peace

by Piper Davenport


How have I missed this series so far…shame on me!

I had no idea that I was missing out on something so good, and this is definitely good!

I did appreciate though the fact that the story was perfectly comfortable as standalone story, the characters may interlink but they are certainly comfortable enough in their own skin to stand tall.

Hatch was a good guy, he had practically raised his siblings but having had more than one occasion where his love life was a less than stellar affair, he is content to keep his dalliances casual and he isn’t exactly hurting for company!

His role within the MC is that of Sergeant at Arms but the club doesn’t take up all his time, he is a mechanic, a darn good one but with his life within the club and his business he has enough to keep him busy. A permanent relationship is something he is can definitely do without but what if fate has other ideas?

Maisie is a Brit, who along with her husband founded their own business and forged their own happiness in the States, but cruelly widowed at a very young age and left to raise her young daughter alone.

When they meet it is almost electrifying there is a spark that despite themselves they really cannot deny but they can try to bury their heads in the sand! They are as bad as each other, neither of them willing to see the blatantly obvious.

But when an accident happens it is Maisie’s daughter Poppy that brings the two of them together and they never look back.

The story is fairly complex and by saying that I mean that there is more than just their budding romance going on, there is an element of mystery and a tinge of suspense that colours the whole story.

There is a lot to love about this book. The fact that Hatch didn’t think twice about stepping up when Maisie found herself in danger, he was there for her and Poppy. The way he built his relationship with not only Maisie but also with Poppy was lovely, it showed the measure of the man.

The story had it all and it had it all in spades, it was a really humdinger of a read, it will take you through a force field of emotions, so be prepared…tissues will be necessary.

Topic: Road to Peace by Piper Davenport

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