Their Naughty Student

by Nicole Edwards

Oh my, Gregory Edge where have you been all my life!  I love this guy, the others and bad either but darn it Edge is the man!
Gregory or Edge as he is known is the manager of the BDSM club, Dichotomy, the perfect Master for the place and everyone knows it but when he is asked to show his friends sister around the club, he is far from interested…I mean she is nothing like the women he is into …or is she?
Jamie is finishing up her dissertation and a look around Dichotomy is just the thing to pique her interest in everything she thinks she knows about that lifestyle. She is comfortable in her own skin, having determined that she doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body but what about when she is faced with choices that she has never had to make before? Will her curiosity be her undoing?
Will Edge be able to show her what she thinks she knows and what she actually does know are two entirely different things!
As you can imagine in true MS Edwards style this is no shrinking violet of a story, it delivers a powerfully erotic story, that whilst it is a fairly slow burner, doesn’t skimp on the details.
There were dynamics to evolve, feelings to explore and practicalities to overcome for not just Edge and Jamie but also for their partner Chris (aka Cav). But I would subject keeping a fan handy, it gets pretty steamy!
But can they find a path to a happy ever after that suits the three of them or will the obstacles that they have to face prove too much? They had a lot to handle but they were at least willing to face it head-on.
Super writing, great characters, and enough spice to keep this reader very, very happy.

Topic: Their Naughty Student by Nicole Edwards

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