Kill without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy

So stepping out of hell on foreign soil, this series follows a group of soldiers as they strengthen their already glorious bond and forge a connection that will provide a future now that the events that almost cost them everything are finally behind them…but have they step out of the frying pan and into the fire???

Taking their futures in their own hands the group set up their very own Security Company – ARES Security is formed and their lives will never be the same again.

Rafe Vargas, is taking some time out of the office, this covert ops specialist is getting his hands dirty clearing out his grandpa’s house in Newton.

I liked Rafe he was a strong man with a clear vision but that determination was put to the test when he happened upon Annie White while in town one day.

Rafe’s life was in Houston, with the rest of the team and he was chomping at the bit to get back to the office but it seemed like Newton wasn’t quite ready to let him go just yet. And his instant fixation with Annie wasn’t helping either!

Annie had the weight of the world on her shoulders so to speak, he past associations with the town were marred by the spectre that followed both her and her father. A series of incidents had left his character not only tarnished but completely stained by a label that neither her nor Annie had been able to elude.

But now, years later she is back, and not for anything positive. The town is plaguing her thoughts and the visons that are clouding her mind have her fearing that what was a deadly past may have reared its ugly head…but how?

The connection between Annie and Rafe is strong and he didn’t exactly need any special training to know that she needed and there is no way he is going to stand by and let anything happen to her – he makes sure she understands that she is under his protection now.

The characters in the book were easy on the eye, they helped glide my attention across each and every page as I became more and more engrossed in the hunt of the killer.

Rafe was a serious alpha man, he had that buttoned down and then some! Will Annie wasn’t exactly a shrinking violet – he may have had her problems but she stood tall and rolled with the hand she was dealt, no matter how tough.

The murder mystery element of the book was superb, there was so much details, so many twists and turns that when the end came I wasn’t sure just which direction the story was going to take and I must say that they author saved the best for last!

I am looking forward to the next in this series, these guys are definitely going straight on my to be read list!

Topic: Kill without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy

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