Scoring the Player

by Samantha Lind

I am a sucker for a sports romance, so when I saw this I just knew that I had to have it. But was my enthusiasm matched with the content or did it all melt in the flurry of anticipation…Well, truthfully, I think it landed somewhere in the middle.
I thought the story took quite a while to kick in, for their friendship to turn into something more, and I say this because I think it was fairly obvious where they were heading but darn it, Kenley didn’t half like to drag her heels.
Brian is ready to move on with his life, life up until now has been as a player in every sense of the word but he is ready to find a woman and settle down and when he meets Kinley (though a connection of his friend and his girlfriend) he was smitten immediately, the shame was that Kinley wasn’t or I should say that she was sort of but since she had been through the mill with guys in the past she was in no rush to be anything more than friends.
Now, for a guy like Brian, you would have thought that that would have been enough to have him walking away but you would be wrong because he wasn’t averse to being firmly planted in the Friend Zone…because he had an end game and was willing to wait it out and wear her down.
There wasn’t exactly an exorbitant amount of angst and attitude in the book, it was a solid romance, a smooth boy meets girl story that shows the fact that patience wills out in the end!
Brian was a delight; a romantic alpha man and Kinley was, in my opinion, a very lucky lady.
But would she come around or would she let the catch of the season slip through her fingers?

Topic: Scoring the Player by Samantha Lind

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