by Amity Cross


This series just keeps on getting better and better.

Keeping the series absolutely on the money cannot possibly be an easy task but with each new book, comes another hero for us to get to grips with.

Josh “Steel” Caplin is next up and to start with it isn’t pretty.

The Underground has chewed him up and spat him out battered and bloody on the pavement in front of the beautiful Dr Holly Walsh’s Emergency Room, and with nothing to go on, she has her hands full trying to save his life.

Perhaps it is having someone’s life in your hands that gives you a unique view into their soul but Holly definitely saw something in Josh that he didn’t see in himself, in his opinion he had a very limited path open to him and he knew his place was back where he came from, the ring.

While I liked the differences between the two of them, I have to say that it was the unexpected the similarities were much more endearing. They were both as damaged as each other in as much as they were full of self-doubt.

Holly has just as much drama and despair in her past as Josh had and it was that, that was forcing her into her own head, driving her into a corner, and convincing her that getting into another relationship is just not in her future…having been there and done that, with disastrous results, she is still reeling from that painful lesson but could these two damaged soul put each other back together or will they both recognise that their similarities are enough to ensure that they needed to stay well away.

Josh is a fighter in absolutely every sense of the word, he has fought tooth and nail for everything he has but when he needs someone to stand up and fight not only for him but with him, will Holly be that individual, I had my fingers crossed.

This is the story of what it takes to pick yourself up and forge a happy ever after for yourself no matter how hard you have to work to get there.

The author brought back some old characters and I was glad about that although there was a couple that dint appear, and no matter how long I held my breath they still failed to materialise.

I love the way the whole series flows together, the way each book is self-contained so to speak, it draws on the strength of the series as a whole.

Topic: Steel by Amity Cross

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