by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am trying to teach you to suck eggs here but this is the second book in the duet so that pretty much means that you need to have read the first book, so please read Beast before picking this one up.

So now, I am assuming that you have read the first one, so you know all about what happens at the end of that book because that ending has a major play on the start of this and it is crucial that you have gotten to grips with what has happened and why.

The connection between Frankie and Anteros is complicated, and despite the fact that she had managed to cut her ties with him at the end of book one, that was only physically, he was imbedded under her skin, it was as if her soul tied to him completely and breaking that was going to be far from easy…if it was possible at all.

As much as Frankie was torn, it was obvious that Anteros was feeling the same way, but could they find their middle ground, the place that they can be the perfect match and make what they have work?

Well the author made sure that they had to work for it. She gave them some time apart at the start of the book, just enough to have the niggle of their doubts starting to kick in and the magnetism that was so prevalent between the two of them refusing to let sleeping dog lie…Frankie had to see him again and was willing to keep that under the radar as she snuck out.

I loved the details in this book, the author loaded each page with hints and innuendo, titbits that pointed towards and dropped clues about Frankie, there are things that come to light that blow the whole situation wide open. The secrets and lies come thick and fast but is it all too much?

There is a plethora of characters that each bring their own influence on the story, some of it good, some of it bad and some of it downright ugly!

A super story about the ultimate alpha man and his princess.