Conquered by LP Lovell


The mess from the end of book one continues at the star of this book and the angst and attitude is something that is to be commended.

Nothing hooks a reader that the “What If’s” and in this book there are more than enough what if’s hanging around to keep you tied to the pages from start  to finish.

Theo and Lilly are a mess but can they survive, well they survive, can they see that they belong together... Well, Theo can and with his determination in full flow – Lilly is going to have her work cut out to get her own way.

Because when he takes stock and understands (with a nudge from Hugo and his many pearls of wisdom) that he needs to stand stall and be the man that Lilly would want him to be not let go easily, he resolves himself to the fact that he really loves her and is not willing to live without her, Theo wages war … objective Lilly.

I took more to Theo in this book than the first because I felt we had a better look at what made the man, a gentle peek under the skin of this alpha and a chance to see the softer side.

The book, is fast and furious, much like the sex – because I have to say it did not hold back – OMG!! But the twists that develop through the book will have you begging for more.

I was left breathless with the intensity and speed with which the story unfolded, but was super delighted at the emergence of the fantastic Hugo as my favourite character!

He is just downright superb!!!

Lilly’s back story is slowly being opened up to us and in this we get to understand her a little more.

And much as with the first book we are left with an absolute doozy of a cliff hanger at the end.

I can’t wait to have the next instalment and to finally see if Theo and Lilly can find the middle ground that can allow them to not only allow them to be happy but to be happy together.

Rating 4.5 out of 5