Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins

I’m not a love triangle type of girl, primarily I would hold my hands up and say that it really holds no interest for me at all but …and it is a big but I am a believer in each to his own and I accept that there are occasions where experiences like the one in this book, lead to exceptionally emotional reading and this book is definitely one such occasion.

The story is written beautifully; it doesn’t take sides so to speak, it is almost a neutral observer allowing me the reader to see the events that unfolded without prejudice and encourages me to draw my own conclusions before unfurling all the details and putting me firmly in my place.

My interest was set to flicker fairly early on and that only continued to grow. While the characters were engaging, it was the undertone that held my attention, the possibilities of why what was happening, was actually taking place.

It was a, what would I do in that situation, sort of book, could I see myself taking the path they were on?

Could and would I consider that there are at times forces at work that we have no control over, well I suppose I would, I am a believer in fate and that life is lived not in black and white but in the grey areas that we all allow to slip past us too quickly, a believer in the fact that we don’t allow ourselves to colour ourselves happy often enough and I suppose in this situation the characters were doing what they could to prove me wrong on all counts.

I couldn’t call which way the story was going to veer, and I liked that the author kept the situation unpredictable, I liked the fact that in both Nathan and Sadie she gave me the go ahead to both love and hate them in equal measure but that in doing so she craftily  infused them to my soul, what was happening to them mattered to me no matter how much I initially didn’t want it too.

For me this was a breath of fresh air, a story that I would have normally shied away from but one which I am pleased I took a chance on.

Am I a convert to the whole cheating and love triangle relationships storyline, no probably not.

Am I likely to disregard them immediately again, no probably not.

Am I a convert to the works of Jessica Hawkins…you betcha!

Topic: Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins

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