Cooper by Harper Sloan

Cooper by Harper Sloan

Book 4 of the Corps Security Series

I cried from the prologue and continued to do so during almost every chapter of this book – no mean feat but the book is that good! The story and the sentiment was staggering.

Asher Cooper need a little sunshine in his life. Broken by the death of his brother, he sees nothing but darkness around him but little does he know that his ray of hope lies a close to home and just might be waiting on him getting his act together.

I think Asher may just be my favourite of the Corps Security guys so far – and that I know is a pretty tough statement to justify because they are almost perfect!

But what is not to love about a man that loved is brother so damn much that he has given almost his whole his life to try and protect him and who is prepared to bury himself in the depths of despair because he wasn’t there when his brother need him most. Coop’s death has torn his soul out and he feels that there is nothing he can do to make his life worth living.

His coping mechanism may have been unorthodox but when I took my time to think about how I would react if in the same situation, I understood that there are some situations that ask more of us than we have to give. It is finding the strength to fight out way out that makes us human.

It took the enigmatic Maddox Locke to pull him out of his funk and get his arse in gear. Boy – I cannot wait to read Locke’s story! The man is awesome!!! But once Asher has had his arse kicked by enigma, he knows that he has one thing that he does want in his life and sets out to do just that.

Dee’s friend Chelcie made her appearance in the last novel and despite the fact that they rub each other up the wrong way – there has always been an underlying something between the pair of them. But Asher’s behaviour since Coop’s death has kept Chelcie at bay – and this has her keeping the one thing she really need him to know from him.

I found this was a lot less angst filled than previous books in the series and allowed me the opportunity to mourn alongside Asher and Chelsie for the passing of Coop.

They both lost someone who made their lives bearable, but in this we get to see if, without him they make it together.

This was an out and out love story and had the old romantic in me shouting from the rafters.

I felt the pain reaching out from each page and I don’t think I have cried as much while reading a book in years. I love that the story kept me so involved. Some aspects were painful to read because it felt like opening up a still fresh wound but the hope and passion that this pair had for each other and for Coop and their new family was breath-taking.

The rest of the Corps team make their appearances in the book and as much as I love catching up with them, this was all about Asher and Chelcie for me and I couldn’t get enough of their tale. Although Maddox and Emmy being together on the same page, certainly pricked my interest in what their future holds.

One of the best series of books on the market at the minute, these guys and girls are simply fascinating!

Rating 5 out of 5