by Debra Anastasia

I have work by this author on my kindle for what seems to be an lifetime but this is the very first of her books that I have read and I feel like a fool because if this one is anything to go by I have been missing out on some exceptional work.

I read the blurb that came with this one and I thought I had a fair idea on what I was going to be getting…wrong this as so much more and thankfully in a totally fabulous way, I loved the book, the story was fantastic and the characters that the author poured so much into were superb.

Fenix was a conflicted character for me, the impression that I initially was given was so far removed from the guy that is actually in the story that I was more than a little confused but that didn’t detract from his alter ego – because once the truth was apparent and I knew who and what Mercy was, I really liked, him, because I realised that this was a man that I could actually adore. He wasn’t the cold guy that I had anticipated in fact nothing could have been further from the truth.

As you would expect there was to lead female in the story and in this story, she came in the shape of the delectable Becca, from the absolute get-go she was a woman that I really wanted to get to know. She didn’t suffer fools and wasn’t willing to leave anything unsaid just for the sake of a quiet life, if she had something that she needed to express…she said it and that was refreshing.

But could Fenix (Mercy) protect her from the one person that he shouldn’t have to worry about…his father?

Their history stretched back years and has so many layers in it that you would be best advised to pay close attention, Fenix’s father is reprehensible creature and he takes an irrational dislike to Becca when she is just a young child, little did they know how entwined her connection to them would be and what a risk a relationship would have to them all.

Fenix and Becca mattered to me by the time I reached the end of the book, I wanted everything they wanted for themselves and then some, I hated what Fenix had been through and if I am honest I wanted him to be everything he wanted for himself because this was a man that had a heart that weight heavy on the right side of being the best he could be and defying the nurture or should I say lack of nurture his family (especially his father) has imparted in him.

Superbly written, with an easy lilting flow that drew me in and kept me totally absorbed…loved every word!


Topic: Mercy by Debra Anastasia

Date: 22/08/2017

By: Debra Anastasia

Subject: Thank you!


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