The Trouble with being a Movie Star's Wife by ZN Willett

This was the book I have be waiting on, the other two seemed to be the slow burners but finally this one lit the fire and I was completely engaged.


Both Andrew and Andria have had to fight for their relationship, the whole time they have been up against external forces that just never seemed to want them to be happy but now they’re married they face the toughest battle, the battle to be left in peace to start their married life without the interference of others but I know, get real, it was never going to be that simple.


I loved the fact that Andrew in many ways was oblivious to the effect that he had on women, no, not that he didn’t know he was a drop dead gorgeous movie star- I know he knew that but in his head he was just Andrew and to him no-one else mattered because he only had eyes for Andria, so he was effectively blinkered, he paid no heed but that didn’t stop them trying.


Andria on the other hand could see the dangers and it was up to her to make sure that what they had didn’t fall victim to the skulduggery of the unscrupulous women that seemed determined to pray on her man.


The story centred on the fact that they had a relationship that they wanted to work and that they were both willing to work hard at giving themselves the best opportunity to succeed.


They loved, they laughed, they communicated, they lived but it was that normalcy that made their story all the more believable despite the fact that it was set in a realm that I could never understand, I understood their desire and their passion and their love for each other.

Topic: The Trouble with being a Movie Star's Wife by ZN Willett

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