Hidden Secrets

by Nicole De la Cruz


A positive and profound characters lead story that shows that no matter your past, we all can change the shape of our futures.

Scarlett and Kyle has each grown up in what can only be described as less than stellar family environments, they were positively dysfunctional to be honest but despite the fact that the events of their childhood have impacted the way they are today, I thought that the author showed so much positivity when she gave impetus to what they were destined to be once they found each other.

Scarlett was a scared girl, frightened and wary of everyone, while Kyle had been through the mill and was ambivalent to life in many ways. But together they stand a chance of being able to put the past behind them and build something that they can both flourish with.

The book is a simple but effective read, it has its focus firmly set and deviates little from that path and in a way I actually liked that because it gave me as the reader time to really get to know Scarlett and Kyle – to the point that I was invested in their story and needed to see the conclusion that I felt they deserved.

I liked the fact that we got to see the whole of them, warts and all and they kept nothing hidden, it was refreshing that there was no ulterior motive, they had tons that they could have squirreled away from each other but they opened themselves to me and each other and I couldn’t help but love them both for that.

Part of a series but strong enough to be read as a standalone it was the complete package and I was thrilled that we got resolution and an epilogue that rounded off their tale perfectly