Messy Love

by Stephanie Witter

Ms Witter is quickly becoming an automatic one-click author for me, the quality of her work always leaves me totally blown away and this was no different.
From early on it was evident that the story was one that was going to leave an impression because not only was the story totally addictive, but the actual work was super detailed and super emotional.
The story revolved around Wyatt and Marissa, and I do mean revolved because at times it was dizzying trying to keep ahead of what was happening.
I wondered whether Wyatt was going to be the guy that Marissa not only wanted but needed because there was so much to him, so many ticks that had me thinking that he wasn’t going to be able to help but press the self-destruct button that he seemed to have one finger on all the time. He was so complicated, with a past that continued to impact his present, I couldn’t help but think that he might not be able to stop his past calling the shots but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want him to find a way to see the bigger picture and that included his situation with Marissa because that was worth more?
Marissa was a complex creature, such a pretty woman but that beautiful exterior that hid the confusion that she carried beneath that carefully constructed exterior. With her, while what I liked was the fact that she was a tough cookie, what I loved was the fact that she was willing to stand tall and fight for not only herself but also those that mattered to her, no matter what others might think!
Life had treated her poorly…with Wyatt, I was hoping that finally there may be a break in that cycle…was there?
 This is a story that evokes and provokes a reaction. The conflict was captivating, the battle between love and hate left me scratching my head and trying to decide what side of the fence I was on…I made my mind up eventually, I hope that you enjoy the story to your destination too!
Before I go I must say that whilst this is a tough read at times, with characters that have been through and continue to experience some tough situations but leave your emotions unchecked and allow the story to encourage you. It will ensure that you get all the feels, good and bad…just make sure you have tissues because by the time the story has reached the final page, you will be in no doubt that what you have finished will have left its mark.

Topic: Messy Love by Stephanie Witter

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