Escaped Artist by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese


Well, I have been hooked on this series since practically the first page of book one and with my fingers crossed I am going to tempt fate and say that they just keep getting better and better!

We are again, blessed with an extra-ordinary quality of writing by both authors – the storytelling is of the highest order. The characterization is simple but effective – just enough on the line to make you want to root for both Dare and Ree. And boy do these pair need everyone to root for them – life has played them some tough hands but what they have between them is elemental – there connection is as deep as two people can get and there is no doubt in my mind that - they belong together!

The end of book two saw the pair parted yet again but while Dare may have left Paris, Ree had every intension of finding and fighting for her man. When Dalia lets it be known that Dare has joined Dash in Amsterdam – Ree is Holland bound and pounding the streets in the hope that she can track him down. The lengths this woman is willing to go to is astonishing.

Fruitless optimism beginnings to give way to the harsh reality that this time, he may just elude her – but with a scrap of paper that has her coveted Phoenix drawing in her hand she decides to take strength from the fact that if she has his drawing tattooed on her – she will always have him with her. So her search for a tattoo studio becomes her primary focus.

Dare is broken and trying to put himself back together with the help of his brother Dash ( what is it with their Mum and names beginning with D ?) and the rest of his Band- No Man’s land – and there are a host of characters in that scenario that  require a hell of a lot more page time!! Synner is a charm – I loved him – man-whore of the highest order but he has a soft side lurking under all that testosterone and I can’t wait to get some more of his story.

 But fate waves her magic wand and of all the shops she could walk into – Ree, finds him, just when she thought she might have to give up – but he doesn’t want her. Devastated she drowns her sorrows – only to meet the inimitable Synner. But in true gentlemanly fashion – Synner takes care of her, taking her back to his place when she is too drunk to go home alone and too drunk to tell him where she stays. Not taking advantage and spends the night on the sofa, he tucks Ree up in his bed. Well you can imagine the scene that is presented in the morning when Ree wakes and has to leave – getting out without seeing Dare – not a hope in Hell and the punch up that ensues is beyond painful for her.

Dash explains what happened and Dare finally sees sense. He has a chance to try again but will he take it? Can Ree take the steps that Dare needs from her in order for them to be together?

In this book, we get to hear from Dare, as much of the story is told from his point of view – and he is worth listening too – I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his museings . He is a tortured old soul all wrapped in up in a gorgeous young body – he is such a passionate guy, who loves fiercely and is passionately loyal to his friend and family.

Speaking of his family – Dash is definitely the go to guy in the band but he has a question mark hanging around him that I can’t wait to have explained – I think he will prove to be delicious!!!

Dalia, is feisty having grown up with her very own three musketeers – Dash, Dare & Dex but stepping out into the big bad world under their watchful eyes is going to be interesting to say the least and she sets the sparks flying in Amsterdam!! And Dex – he is suck a cocky so-and so, he just makes me smile J

Life has plans for Dare and Ree, big plans I hope but powerful forces are always in the shadows. I only wish that is where they would stay! I would love to reach into the pages and pull out the evil but I suppose nothing worth having comes easy!

 The whole story is incredible and just when I thought I could take a deep breath and uncross my fingers for Dare and Ree – the ending unfolded and I was left hanging by my fingertips for the next instalment.

A fabulous addition to this a brilliant series

Rating 5 out of 5