The Deliverance of Dilan

by Kathy Coopmans


When it comes to revenge Dilan has his mind set.

There is nothing that is going to stop him from extracting retribution against those who he holds responsible for the fact that not just he but his whole family have been wronged.

Initially I didn’t find Dilan an easy person to actually get a handle on because his vengeance clouded almost every aspect of his life and at the onset he was even harder to like because he was just so angry.

But as the story unfurled I found that he slowly came to life and the man that was buried underneath the hurt may have been filled with vengeance but he had a heart of gold.

Anna was his Achilles heel, he loved her, he knew that much was true with absolutely every fibre of his being but with the pain that was surrounding his soul he also knew that being together was not a great idea, it was an internal struggle that he battled on a day to day basis.

Anna, is good for Dilan. She doesn’t suffer fools and is more than able to hold her own when it comes to making sure that life doesn’t walk all over her, and that includes Dilan. She is full to the brim of sass and attitude and while some people might find her awkward to read, I thought she was a champion for wearing your character on your sleeve.

I loved the fact that we got more of the other guys in this story and that they are standing tall with Dilan to take on his task but while this is his fight and they are willing to ride alongside him into what turns out to be an absolute sh**storm!

The story has a lot going on and it isn’t one that can be easily skimmed through, so make sure to give it the attention it requires. The story is fairly fast paced and there were a number of twists that kept the storyline fresh and unpredictable.

A well written novel that in my opinion is the best of the series so far and that is saying something because the previous books have been fabulous.

Initially a man that will test your patience, you will finish the book with a flourish of appreciation for who he is and what he goes through.

Topic: The Deliverance of Dilan by Kathy Coopmans

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