Jackson's Trust

by Violet Duke


Setting itself around football had this high on my must read list straight away and that is before you even factor in that it was written by Violet Duke.

Leila is a reporter, currently enjoying her trot at the NFL, she loves sport and is more than able to hold her own when it comes to this male bastion, this feisty and completely adorable woman has her eye on the bigger prize, and she wants to make it all the way to the networks as a sports- caster.

I didn’t doubt for one second that she had it in her to make it but I wasn’t sure that those around her were going to help or hinder her progression…but then again I suppose I should have expected a bit of both.

Jackson is the network supervisor and by default that means he is Leila’s supervisor and this no nonsense man is living the life she aspires too, he has the respect of everyone within the sport, the network and teams but it has come at a cost.

Jackson doesn’t mix business with pleasure, ever.  But there two of them were setting my kindle alight, there was no denying the spark that flickered between them.

Like Leila, Jackson had an end game but it is the complete opposite for her dream, while she is ready to embrace the pressure that the role expects, Jackson almost resents the fact that because of his position and career he hasn’t been able to have what he desires most, a family of his own.

Now I could roll into a whole flurry of what happened and why but I would be selling not only you but the book short, this is a delightful read and you will have a ball reading it, so I am keeping this bit short and sweet because after all what the heck to you think is going to happen when you have  two people who can’t keep their hands off each other but are battling both inner demons and desires that seem to be at odds with each other’s wishes…it gets very interesting!

I found the story completely entertaining, it certainly made me laugh out loud in some places. It wasn’t all sweetness and light there were a few tears shed but overall, this was a super way to just tune out and let the fantastic Violet Duke sooth my soul!

Topic: Jackson's Trust by Violet Duke

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