by Emma Chase


Written in the inimitable Emma Chase style, this is Jake Becker’s story in his own words and it is as brilliantly funny as it is exquisitely touching.

Criminal attorney Jake is the man all defendants wants by their side, focused and dedicated, his world is the epitome of structure. Everything has it place - work and social lives are neatly compartmentalised.

Jake doesn’t do relationships, he has never really felt the need, filling his space with the needs of a partner was never high on his list of must haves in life.

He loved his ordered existence just the way it was and it was never a place that Jake ever expected to fill with a readymade family of six.

But this steadfast bachelor hadn’t reckoned on meeting Chelsea Quaid.

Chelsea was sole guardian of a deliciously boisterous family of six, following the unfortunate and untimely death of her brother and his wife, this fabulous twenty six year old graduate gave up everything she had in life and crossed the country to take on the responsibility of her nieces and nephews.

With kids ranging from fourteen to six months, she has her hands full but they are her life and she wouldn’t change a thing and is working so hard to be the parent that the kids require.

 She is all they have and she has her work cut out keeping them all on an even keel, the kids have had a lot to deal with and some have coped better than others, but the minefield of grief counselling and angry rebellion mean that she spends much of her time feeling out of her depth.

This is how she is introduced to Jake, Rory picks his pocket and he takes him home to face the music. Although the initial meeting is under tense circumstances, Chelsea catches Jakes eye but six kids mean that he shelves any thoughts of anything romantic, that is a big fat hell no!

Or so he thinks because when just a few days later she is back in touch looking for his professional assistance, this big fish has finally got himself all tangled up and this time there is no getting off the hook.

I laughed out loud at his internal monologue, his observations and the quick one liners were Emma Chase at her very best.

The way the kids wormed their way under his skin and the way he was unwittingly prizes apart by their quirky ways and childish enthusiasm, was written beautifully.

The kids were adorable, hard work but absolutely enchanting.

They had been through so much but they loved their aunt and were devoted to each other, although they were more than happy to flex those kiddie muscles and revert to the expected childish name calling and slamming of doors.

Slowly but surely the family breaks him down and he is fully immersed in all things parental, honestly when he had to attend the One Direction concert I was seriously in danger of falling off my chair!

But illness, underage drinking and fighting at school were par for the course with these kids, add Jake and his no nonsense attitude into the mix and the story was just sailing!

I loved the fact that, he called the kids out on their nonsense, refusing to sugar coat anything and in a way I think children respond better to that type of treatment… see the man was a natural!

As the kids start to become a major part of his life, Jake and Chelsea begin to tentatively take steps towards a relationship that neither of them had ever considered a possibility but it is not all plain sailing and when Jake gets a severe attack of the jitters it is time for him to take a good long look at what he brings to the table and whether he can be what not only Chelsea but the kids need.

I could have throttled him but in a way I understood what he was doing, but he couldn’t walk away, they were all too important to him, his babysitting while Chelsea went on her date was the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

But when Chelsea’s worst nightmare happens, he is the man that’s he needs to be by her side fighting and he knows that this is his chance to fight for what he wants most

  1. Chelsea
  2. The kids
  3. The family he never knew he needed

Watching this confirmed bachelor fall in love was beautiful. He was funny, charming and protective. He opened his heart to something new and allowed them to absorb him.

He gave his heart to each and every one of the children and they, turned to him for that male support that they would have received from their dad had he still been alive, he was there male barometer, the voice of reason and discipline, almost a father figure that they and he needed.

Protector and friend, this family were in good hands when they welcomed Jake Becker into their fold.

I adored Jake, he brought a smile to my face and gave me a warm feeling in my soul, he gave credence to the fact that love finds you, not the other way around.

Chelsea and her family were all the better for having Jake in their lives and Jake, well his life may have turned a full 360degrees but he had a happiness that he had never felt before and that brought a huge smile to my face.

Emma Chase is a master of the male POV, she nails it every single time and Jake Becker is no different – she has him bang to rights!