A Thousand Reasons

by Mariah Dietz

I loved the cover of this book and I wanted to love the story just as much but have to say that whilst I thought the story had pockets that were good, on the whole, I found it a little too disjointed and that pushed practically every OCD button I have.
I thought the direction wasn’t necessarily unclear as you might say, I just thought it was what I can only describe as cluttered in parts and vacant in others. I thought the bones of a great story were present, but it just didn’t seem to pan out.
I finished the read with a feeling that I had missed something, it was almost abrupt in conclusion, there were chapters that felt as if the author had rushed them to completion and I couldn’t help but think that both Wes and Leela deserved better. I wasn’t sure that they had finished with what they had to say.
I was invested in Wes, he was the saving grace of the book for me, I felt a connection with him that I just didn’t get when it came to Leela, and I have to admit that I think that was because she came across as having a major chip on her shoulder about the fact that Wes’s family had what she didn’t…money. I wanted her to have a little more self-respect, she was an intelligent woman, studying to be in the medical profession, her attitude was rough.
A slow burner that didn’t set me alight, but I appreciate the work that the author put into it. Just not my cup of tea.

Topic: A Thousand Reasons by Mariah Dietz

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