Sugar Daddies by Jade West

If you have never read any of Jade’s books before then this is a good starter but for me it was a little to mainstream, too sanitized, so to speak.

Jade is the absolute mistress of Dirty and while this has moments that showed her command of that dimension of the story, I couldn’t help but want more.

Yes, it had twists and turns. It had great characters, especially Carl and Rick but it wasn’t enough to keep me glued to the page.  This took two goes to finish and had it been any other author I would have laid it down the first time and not picked it up again.

I am so sorry that I can’t say that it blew my mind, I wish I could but I just felt a little non-plused about it and I know that puts me in the minority but it is what it is.

Rick and Carl are in a relationship but they have a plan, a goal and they are looking for their perfect woman, the one that will share everything with them, not only for the intimated six months that seemed to quickly disappear out of the window but for a lifetime if they could find the right woman…was Katie the right one? Well, she certainly seemed as if she was.

Katie wasn’t as shy as she might have appeared and she also had a plan, one that the arrangement with Carl and Rick might be able to help her turn into a reality and she also had fantasies that they were definitely going to be able to bring to life without any shadow of a doubt, her life was never going to be the same again. And oh how she would revel in it.

But little did they know that the connection that they shared would go deeper than their intimacy arrangement.

Katie has a huge “daddy” issue…he hates hers with every fibre of her being but Carl works with the man or should I say that he works for him and has been close to him for almost 20 years, he hasn’t a bad word to say about him and doesn’t really understand the vitriol that Katie exhibits, after all he credits her father as being the man that almost made him who he is today.

I loved the flighty Rick, he was just such a character, he got stuck in at the stable helping Katie with her horse and loved everything about her but he loved Carl and he came first. Carl was the one that was the driving force behind their ultimate goal and Rick was the guy that levelled the playing field.

They made a super threesome and they quickly formed a tight unit but it was always going to have a wobble or two, the question wasn’t about what was going to shake them, it was more about would they survive it.

I think for me the whole story just seemed to fit together too easily.

  • Katie hated Verity and Verity hated her and then they didn’t.
  • She hated her father and then she didn’t.
  • She hated Olivia her father’s wife and his son’s and then she didn’t.
  • She forgave her mother for the lies that she had led her to believe, the fact that she had told her father that she didn’t exist but after one conversation it was over and she dropped the bombshell that she was in a relationship with two guys at the same time and left.
  • Her father wanted her back to win her love, he thought the world of Carl but when confronted with the fact that Carl a man almost twice his daughters age was involved not only with her but also his long boyfriend, he almost capitulated and just accepted it at face value. I found that very strange.

I think I wanted more angst, I wanted more attitude, more depth and it all seemed very orderly in what was a far from ordinary situation.

The book is a great book, it is very well written and has a ton going on but having read and loved the previous works by this author…. I think I have been spoilt and this is just too clean.

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