The Voice Trilogy

by Noelle Bodhaine


This may be a review of all three books in the set and while it is short and sweet please accept my apologises for that because if truth be told they actually deserve much longer but if I allow myself to waffle on I will fall into dangerous territory of giving too much away and that really would be a shame.

Book one is Whisper and it arrives with a darn sight more than the title would imply, because while Sophie might be content to live life in the shadows, a whisper on the breeze of life so to speak, she not only destined but also capable of so much more. Her placid nature, is in complete contrast to that of Rhys because that man doesn’t exactly shy away from being in the limelight. He is at epicentre of far too much attention and like a moth to a flame he attracts the cream of the crop but when all he wants is Sophie, there are more than a few perfectly appointed noses pushed out of place. This was the perfect appetiser for the books that were to follow, it laid the erotic groundwork for what I hoped would be more of the delightful same.

Book two was Speak. Growing in stature and confidence, Sophie began to stand her ground and to come into her own in this book and to finally be keep pace with Rhys but what they had was far from the finished article, they had a long way to go before the could reach their level playing field. There was more angst and attitude in this book, more interference and a few more WTF’s, honestly I could have banged their heads together with the silly misunderstandings that they seemed to take to heart. But what I couldn’t deny was the fact that the author knows how to pen the fun factor, because the chemistry between the two of them was electrifying!

Book three was Shout and I think the author might have heard me shouting by the time I tipped over the last page because while the characters continued their battle to harbour themselves from the viciousness that was doing its utmost to tear them apart, I was left frustrated at the fact that those that were willing to see their demise almost got off to easily, I was out for retribution and I’m not sure I got what I had been hoping for.

But what I cannot fault is the fact that the story as a whole was more than worth the time that it took to read, in fact I was very reminisce of the hours that drifted past. There were characters that were easy to both love and hate, there were a past partner’s that just refused to stay where they should be…in the past and don’t even get me started on Rhys’s mother, I would be here all night, reprehensible creature.

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