Eight Goodbyes

by Christine Brae

 A thrill a minute romantic ride that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I thought that both Simon and Tessa were easy to get on board with and that the author managed to draw me into an emotional story that I devoured in just one sitting.

I liked that neither of them was looking for love exactly but that once it became apparent that what they had, had the possibility of being something more than just a fling, it was great to see that they were willing to just run with it.

Of course, it doesn’t all go according to plan initially and they took a couple of bites at the cherry to get to where they needed to be, but time was their friend in this occasion and once they were back in each other’s lives I was totally hooked on their journey.

Dive into their world and I am convinced that the author will take you on a trip that you will remember for a long time, I know I will.

Highly recommended


Topic: Eight Goodbyes by Christine Brae

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