Unforgettable by Melody Grace.

Oh, lord this was Ash Callahan’s book and it was superb!!!

Ash may be the eldest and the most serious of the boys and although the stories so far may have given some insight into the why he is the is, I couldn’t help but think he needed to cut himself some slack, he needed to lightening up a little but he really was so set in his ways.

Throughout the series we have seen his brothers meet and make their happy ever afters, to find their women and settle down but when it comes to him finding the same, he has no interest.

Reluctant to risk hurt, I felt for Ash, he was such a nice guy but he was so intense. He did everything humanly possible to avoid the whole situation… I mean honestly Ash get with the program!!

But he couldn’t escape the inevitable… because when he met Noelle there was no stopping the events that were to come.

Noelle fell for Ash, hook line and sinker. She was gasping to change the life she had, to find the thing she needed most and in her mind that was Ash, She was completely besotted by him.

But the path was far from smooth, Ash was as obstinate as they came and at times he was insufferable.

But she refused to give up on him, I could have kicked him, really, really hard when he left her hanging to take up any other task rather than be with her. And at the same time, I wanted to yell at her to tell him to pack in his dithering!

I really felt for her though. She loved him and he loved her, he just hadn’t admitted it to himself yet.

This was an emotional book, one that by the time I got to the epilogue had me dabbing more than a few tears from my eyes.

Beautifully written and powerfully emotive, this is not only a book but a whole series that can only be described as wonderful.